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Richard I have checked the formula you gave below and the total volume is
higher than 1 liter. Sodium carbonate is given in ml may be it is g or ml of
X% of solution.


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Some time ago I posted a formula for a combination toner
supposed to be similar to the late, lamented, Kodak
Polytoner. At that time one of the members of this list
reported trying this and that it didn't work. I mixed some
tonight and had success in toning a couple of different
kinds of paper. On possibility is that the other person used
new KRST and new KBT, my test was made with freshly bought
KBT but my KRST was bought in bulk about ten years ago.
Here is the formula I used:

Combination Selenium and Polysulfide Toner

Water                    500.0 ml
Kodak Brown Toner        320.0 ml
Kodak Selenium Toner      80.0 ml
Sodium Carbonate         160.0 ml << should be grams
Water to make              1.0 liter

Dilute 1 part stock to 3 parts water for use.

Typing error, the carbonate should be 160.0 grams.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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