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  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 2 May 2010 21:25:09 +0200 (CEST)

Robert, tnx for the mail, comments below,,,,
>I have a question, I would like to be able to put output from PSKmail (Perl 
>into my internet side and also be able to put input into PSKmail from the same 
>side. It will be working in Chat mode, and If I understand correctly when I 
>connect two client station using PSKmail in chat mode we do have connection 
>with error correction >algorytm, am I right??


>The idea is to keep more or less continious link with the station with the 
>to communicate via chat from internet. Idea seems to be simple, but 
>at least for me difficult.
>How can I pipe data received and transmited in chat mode into my internet 

Pskmail communicates to the internet via the server, the client connection to 
the internet is always via the server. For chatting to people on the internet 
we have a telnet agent. For chatting I use a simple converse bridge written in 
perl which sits on a server and can be reached via the pskmail client, a telnet 
client on my telephone, or a telnet client on my laptop.... I can make the 
converse software available if necessary...Of course a telnet connection needs 
its own arq channel, as it will block the frequency during the session.
You can also use the APRS messaging capability, which is unproto and completely 
APRS compatible, so it can talk to VHF portables or Xastir and UIvieew clients 
on the internet side..

>By the way, idea of sending e-mails via PSK is great,  I do not understand 
>why PSK mail did not picked up even better. I know that there is competition 
>from Winmor, but still.. Do people know about existance of such a system. 

We don't see Winmor as competition, its concept is fairly limited and 
completely different from Pskmail. Pskmail is open souirce, and user driven. 
Winlink is a closed, and centrally managed.

>I think sailors will be most interested in it. I know that in Europe it became 
>somewhat popular but here in US, not realy. I think we need to let people 
>know that something like this exist. I go every year to Annapolis boat show, 
>just wondering maybe we can talk there about PSK Mail,... just a tought.

The key is to have a working server network. This will have to be organized by 
the users. 
You will need a few 'champions' promoting the system. We can provide material 
if necessary...

Hope this helps,73, Rein PA0R

(I will copy this to the mailing list, as I am a lazy person ...:)

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