[pskmail] PSKmail server Ignoring Fldigi

  • From: Kent VE4KEH <pb232641@xxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail mailing list <pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 02:00:35 +0000

I've got server V0.8 installed under Debian Squeeze.  The server appears to 
start, with errors, but ignores anything Fldigi (3.10) captures.

spanky@aurora:~$ pskmail_server

### Server v. Pskmail v.0.8. (C) 2009 PA0R
01:41 UTC Mar-31-2009: Program start
# msgget failed
Compilation failed in require at 
/usr/local/share/pskmail_server/rflinkserver.pl line 53.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at 
/usr/local/share/pskmail_server/rflinkserver.pl line 53.
01:41 UTC Mar-31-2009: Listening to the radio
01:42 UTC Mar-31-2009: Connected to netherlands.aprs2.net
01:42 UTC Mar-31-2009: 
Send>APRS-IS:VE4KEH>PSKAPR:@310141z4955.74NP09706.86W&PSKmail server 0.8

If I telnet localhost 7322, I get everything that Fldigi receives, so it 
doesn't look like a firewall issue.

I could swear I had things working under V0.7.24!


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