[pskmail] Re: PSKmail server Ignoring Fldigi

  • From: Kent VE4KEH <pb232641@xxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 00:20:53 +0000

Thanks John and Rein for your suggestions.  However, I am still having 

1)  I installed server 0.81, and configured CPAN correctly so that libinstall 
is satisfied that all libraries and Perl modules are installed and up to date 
(Perl 5.10).
2)  I commented out line 86 in arq.pm.  With or without line 86 commented out, 
I get the same behaviour:
        If I run pskmail server as user, I get the errors, but the server 
continues to run.
                # msgget failed
                Compilation failed in require at 
/usr/local/share/pskmail_server/rflinkserver.pl line 53.
                BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at 
/usr/local/share/pskmail_server/rflinkserver.pl line 53.

        If I run pskmail_server as root, I get no errors, and the server 
continues to run.

3)  Either way, none of the beacons, pings or link requests I send from a 
nearby transceiver are recognized (received) by the server, although they print 
in Fldigi (and yes, logging is on in Fldigi).  Fldigi does beacon in response 
to the server.

Is pskmail_server to be run as root or user?
Are there any more suggestions as to what I could check?


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