[pskmail] Re: Aw: quick start guide?

  • From: PÃr Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 09:35:14 +0100

Hi Drew,

Can you pse try another java application and see that java is installed properly and the issue is with pskmail. This mp3 player is 100% java and uses a lot of sound so if that works then we know its the jpskmail client that is the issue for you:

Regarding the need for the java runtime I had intended to have a check for it when using the installer. There is a check in there also but I'm not sure that it's working as well as I would like. It should inform that you need to get java to proceed but I don't think it does that now. I had issues with some people using multiple runtimes and false positives.

Did you try to install the version 1 client? That client does not include the modem part so you need fldigi to run then. But, it could be interesting just to try to install that and see if that works:

73, Per

Drew Smith skrev 2012-11-03 00:30:

Hey Rein,

Ok, I just tried exactly that here - the file is already associated with Java (and shows a coffee cup icon), but I tried right-click, open-with. My options are WinRAR or "Java(â) Platform SE binary". I select that, and wait, and wait, and wait. After about ten seconds I see no further disk activity and no binary opens. I have installed Sun's Java Runtime Environment v7u9.

FWIW, *I* know that I need a JRE installed to run a java binary, but that simple fact isn't mentioned anywhere on the pskmail.org <http://pskmail.org> website! That tiny bit of missing information would bewilder at least a third of the ham operators I know. :)

- Drew.

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On 2012-11-02, at 4:11 PM, "Rein Couperus" <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Hi Drew,

I am sitting in front of a WIN7 machine now (after waiting for it to start for 8 minutes)...
* I go to C:\Program files(x86)\jPSKmail
* I right-click jpskmail-2.0.19
* I click 'Open with'
* I click JRE

.... the program starts after waiting a few minutes (this is WINDOWS), you will
see activity at the disk drive...

* set the input and output audio mixers on the DSP tab:
In: Primary Sound capture
Out: Primary Sound driver

Set the audio levels with the windows audio app....

Works here....


Rein Pa0R

Hey guys,

I've been on this list for a while, assuming at some point I'd get some free time and would want to start playing with pskmail.

Well, that time has arrived, and as a twenty-year IT veteran I assumed installing and running pskmail would be relatively easy.

I was wrong. I cannot get pskmail to start on Windows 7, and I haven't the foggiest where to find debug messages. I installed the latest JRE and double-click the .jar file I downloaded from the websiteâ the CPU on the computer spikes to 80% for a couple of seconds and then goes back to zero, and that's the only thing that happens.

I have searched the pskmail.org <http://pskmail.org/> website for install instructions, but even the 'Quick Start Guide' begins with the words "What to do after pskmail has started?".

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong, or how to make some kind of debug output appear?

- Drew.

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