[project1dev] Re: state of the loop

  • From: Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 13:32:58 -0800

you are overthinkin the fading stuff.

songs only have the ability to fade out right now and only fade out when
transitioning to a new song.

whatever functionality you need i can put in (ie being able to fade songs in
etc) but we just have to decide on which way to proceed (:

if you want to be able to fade a song in and loop it and that will satisfy
all your needs i can make that possible, but if you want something else we
can talk about that too (:

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 1:27 PM, Ken and Karen McByrd-Bell <
kenandkaren777@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> i made a wave file of the void intro that loops seamlessly without fades.
> piece of cake. yayz! however encoding an mp3 that works seamlessly is a bit
> of a challenge. the programs i've been using put a small space at the
> beginning which is enough to make the loop pretty un-seamless. but i found a
> command line encoder and i'll play around with different switch combinations
> to see if i can eliminate the gap. also i was thinking of a way to do an
> initial fade in that might be kind of like what nick was saying. since the
> music routine seems to have the ability to cross fade between two songs i
> was thinking a fade-in could be made by fading from an inaudible mp3 into
> the target mp3. if the inaudible mp3 (either total silence if possible or
> more likely one with a pitch thats too high or low to hear) is the length of
> the cross fade then it would simulate a simple fade-in. alan you may be
> wondering why a fade-in is needed at all but i think you'll see once you
> start playing with the files. it has to do with how i take the remainder
> thats left after the last notes are played and cut it and paste it at the
> beginning of the song. it's kind of like making seamless tiles- you cut a
> piece from the right side of the image for example and paste it on the left
> side. it's the same with music loops kind of. but when the song starts you
> have the remainder from the end playing at the beginning and it could sound
> a little strange. hence the need for either an additional file that has no
> remainder at all or a fade-in so the remainder isn't obvious. anyway i'll be
> working on the mp3 encoder to see what i can come up with. if i can't get a
> working mp3 would it be possible to use the wave file?

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