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Message: new maps are hooked together

when you get to the elevator, keep pressing forward until you fall off the 
back.  that will take you to the second elevator (btw eric how come there's 2 

The 2nd elevator has something weird going on, i dont know why but the player 
bounces up and down.  walk forward to go to the next place.

the end of the hallway takes you to a room with 3 doors, each door takes you 
down a hallway to an area that has stairs to the left and an opening straight 

the stairs to the left take you to the basement.

the door straight ahead isn't hooked up to anything yet cause that's where the 
beast chamber will be.

All doors are bi-directional except the elevator part, it needs to be scripted 
to make the elevator work.

Check it out Eric and let me know if i hooked it up right

<Files Changed>
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/arrowhall.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/avarice.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/basement.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/comradery.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/elevator1.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/elevator2.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/elevator2_geometry.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/entrance.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/hallway1.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/hallway1_geometry.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/lastroom.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/FirstTemple/seduction.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/TheVoid/TheVoid/voidmap.lua

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