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  • Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 23:42:05 -0700 (PDT)


Message: Enemies now live in their own script files!

A few new script functions (and they are added to script help)
FreeModel   - free's a model that was loaded with loadmodel.  Enemies need to 
free any models they have loaded when they die, so this lets them do that (can 
also be used to unload any other model as well though)
Mob_Spawn   - spawns an enemy
Mob_Despawn - despawns an enemy

cavemap spawns a simple enemy rat1.lua that lives in /scripts/enemies/ (thats 
where the enemy scripts will go).

Rat1,lua makes a skinny wooden thing that follows you for 10 seconds then 
disappears (despawns itself).

This should help simplify npc's and enemies quite a bit!

<Files Changed>
U   ARRelease.exe
U   AR_AnimModels.cpp
U   AR_AnimModels.h
U   AR_LuaFuncs.cpp
U   AR_Map.cpp
A   AR_Mobile.cpp
A   AR_Mobile.h
U   AR_Profiler.h
U   Base.vcproj
A   Docs/Script Help/FreeModel.html
A   Docs/Script Help/Mob_Despawn.html
A   Docs/Script Help/Mob_Spawn.html
U   Docs/Script Help/toc.html
A   Scripts/Enemies/
A   Scripts/Enemies/rat1.lua
U   Scripts/cavemap.lua
U   UI_Game.cpp

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