[project1dev] COMBAT - rough outline idea

  • From: eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 14:16:04 -0400

combat starts

a troll vs. a swordsman

ok, there will be some sort of iniative roll to see who picks their action

I am going to skip using the lingo for games we already know so i dont
inaccurately associate this with another game that has a similar system.

ok so the roll ends up with the swordsman going first.

a menu pops up - while the combat menu is up, the timers for the other team
and your team is static (game is effectively paused)

you pick the swordsman's attack from his list of skills, these could be
swordtechniques, standard attack, protect ally, etc. or you can choose to
STANDBY or pass your turn to an ally.

he picks standard attack on the troll.

now the game kinda focuses in on those two players and it looks a lil like
mike tyson's punch out.  the monster bobs and moves a little bit, going in
and out from an offensive and defensive stance.  when you want to attack,
you press a button (A or whatever) and attack.  depending on the enemies
stance, etc. you will do damage or miss or be blocked.  Maybe depending on
the level of skill your character has, you get multiple attempts or can
string together certain combos... after the combat action is ended, the
player is in "RT" and is vulnerable.  This is a timer that is maybe 20
seconds and during those 20 seconds, no additional moves can be made.

ok, so next is the trolls turn, who prepares to attack the swordsman.
during those 20 seconds of RT from his attack, the swordsman is limited in
his defense to dodging the opponent but if he is out of RT or chose to
standby or pass the turn, he also has the ability to "Block" which is either
with a shield or a weapon if he has no shield.  blocking is passive defense
and heavily reduces the damage done during an attack, dodging eliminates all
damage but requires skilled timing - if you try to dodge and mistime it, it
will do more damage so its a risk reward thing.  also the speed at which you
dodge (or block, etc) are all influenced by your characters stats and
equipment so someone who is a fast rogue in light armor would have an easier
time dodging than a heavily armored knight - but when the knight gets hit,
he would take significantly less damage.  basically people would create
their character to fit their own style of play - personally i would be a
hybrid where i wore medium armor and still dodged, however, a knight in
platemail is viable as is an unarmored ninja-type.

it goes back and forth like this until someone dies.  if there are more
party members or monsters, the turns are based on the RT, not "hey, its my
turn" so if a monster is 2x as fast as the hero, he would get double the
attacks, or vice versa.  one thing i like about this is that if you're
heavily outnumbered, you definitely get a sense that you are overwelmed as
you constantly are dodging and blocking attacks.  this is one of the
balancing mechanisms in the game and will require careful design to make it

i am not sure if i expressed this as clearly as i was thinking but hopefully
you get the gist...

questions, comments and criticism all contribute to the development of a
better and more fun system so feel free to say what you think will or won't
work or if you think another direction altogether may be more effective.

Thanks for your time!

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