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  • From: eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Matthew Morgan <mmorgan@xxxxxxxxxx>, Peter Guthrie <Mehakoi42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 12:10:16 -0400

Here is how I picture this working:

When you talk to someone, there will be an icon underneath the dialogue box
that will indicate that they are recruitable.  Clicking this box will
display a window that has an estimation of their basic stats (estimation is
based on perception/charisma, so if you're not very perceptive, the stats
could be off, like you might think someone looks weak and tehy are actually
strong or vice versa) as well as an estimation of their potential.  This
could either be a number (like 1-100) or represented by an icon or color.
Also there would be a selection like "recruit this person? yes/no" - if you
click yes then there would be a mini-game based on your alignment, charisma
and other stuff like maybe you helped the person on a miniquest and if you
do the mini-game correctly, then they are recruited!

Potential would play out like this...

the amount of skill/stat points you get per level is based on potential.
someone with high potential would get a random number between 1-30 stat or
skill points per level, someone with low potential would get between 5-15,
etc.  there would be different levels of potential, as well as maybe a
certain new party member might be a "sure thing" and get 20-30.  Those would
probably be the highest prized recruits... we could play with it a bit.
Also i think probably "potential" is also what would limit how much a
character can grow.  Like there would be a level cap for someone with low
potential where they would reach their peak ability and further EXP would
give no returns (or perhaps diminished returns... say like you recruit an
old man who is a master swordsman but he is at his level cap so he won't get
better, or maybe just a little better).

this system is something i am really into because i think it will make the
depth of party management and growth, part of the overall strategy of the
game.  if you're not convinced and have questions/doubts, I will definitely
be happy to go into it w/ further detail.  I think this is one of the things
that will really allow this game to feel "meaty" as well as make logical
sense from a world standpoint -- not everyone can be a great warrior, etc.
but every potential party memeber will have their own niche or maybe unique
skill that would make them appealing.

just throwing stuff out there, maybe you need a new recruit for one reason
or another (maybe we can have PERMANENT DEATH if a party member dies a
certain amount of times, etc.) and you have a choice between 3 in a town...

this is just a quick off the cuff example:

recruit 1 - young fighter
advantages: good potential, decent starting stats, low starting skills, high
disadvantages: not a great fighter right away, will never become an AMAZING
warrior, but will probably be "solid"

recruit 2 - old veteran swordsman
advantages: will be able to help the group right away and is immediately an
asset, decent stats and decent skills.  medium health
disadvantages: no potential to get better.  can't teach an old dog new

recruit 3 - strange little girl
advantages: has a skill that cannot be acquired via normal leveling, ULTRA
high potential, could someday become a master mage
disadvanages: low health, stats and skills, will be semi-useless as a party
member until she develops

who do you pick??? the fighter who is "ok" now and good become very good,
the old man who is good now but will never be better, or the little girl who
is bad now but could become the greatest mage alive and has a skill that
can't normally be acquired?  the question is harder when you're going to
have to do battle against a boss soon, you have to weigh the risks with the
potential rewards, and also you have to remember maybe the little girl never
reaches her potential...
On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 11:35 AM, Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey Eric when you recruit someone, how do you think the potential will be
> displayed?
> On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 11:41 AM, Kent Petersen <kentkmp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Interesting. I like where your going with that.
>> On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 11:10 AM, eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Party Members
>>> two of my fav rpgs are Dragon Quest 3 and Final Fantasy 3(6) - and one of
>>> the major contributors to WHY i like these games is the fact you get to
>>> customize and choose your parties.  We're gonna take that and go a giant
>>> leap forward - basically i envision a ton of recruitable characters, but not
>>> all are created equal and they aren't balanced with one another - you pick
>>> the ones you personally like for reasons of your own.  If i was going to
>>> describe this, i would say building your party would be more like a sports
>>> game than any previous RPG.  The main character is the HERO.  you find party
>>> members that support and fit in your style of play and that work in harmony
>>> w/ the main character.  If you're a mage, maybe you need a warrior to be a
>>> tank for you, or if you're a warrior, you might need a mage who can work as
>>> a support unit, or maybe you're a pure swordsman and just want a group of
>>> swordsmen at your side, its up to the player!
>>> But wait, there's more!
>>> not all potential party members are created equal.  just like in real
>>> life, they will vary in strength's, weaknesses, etc.  so it is up to the
>>> player to decide who they want to join in depending on their needs at the
>>> time and overall wants for the game.  Another major factor in recruiting and
>>> party building is POTENTIAL.  Yes, there is a potential system which i think
>>> will enrich the game and add a layer of depth that will increase the fun.
>>> Basically when you meet someone, not only will you (perhaps based on
>>> PERCEPTION/CHARISMA stats) see a "ball-park" figure of about how strong,
>>> smart, fast they are... you will also see if they have potential to grow
>>> into GREAT warriors/mages/thieves/adventurers/whatever.  Now the double edge
>>> of potential is that it doesn't always come to fruition so there is a
>>> risk-reward factor in weighing your options in recruiting.   Lets say you
>>> are going to fight a boss and you need an extra warrior along to help out -
>>> do you pick the good swordsman who is older maybe and doesnt have much
>>> potential to get better? or do you recruit the young inexperienced guy who
>>> might not be as good right away but has the potential to develop into an
>>> awesome swordsman?  THe player will decide these things... Also, you have to
>>> think, magicians are rare so if you meet one, even if he sucks, do you snag
>>> him?  I really like the depth these choices give as well as the range of
>>> experience and replayability it allows for players.
>>> BUT BUT BUT... how many do we get?
>>> well i was thinking in combat you get 3 party members but maybe you can
>>> keep 6 overall and swap them out depending on YOUR needs, injuries, deaths,
>>> etc.  with instant healing not being a huge part of the game, balancing the
>>> health of your characters will add another wrinkle into the strategy of
>>> combat, etc.  The guys not in the combat group would still gain EXP so maybe
>>> you could stash one of your high potential guys there while he grows.  Also,
>>> re: potential, just because someone seems like they might have GREAT
>>> potential doesnt mean it will necessarily develop, its just a CHANCE to
>>> become much better.  Maybe in the second half of the game you get a castle
>>> like suikoden where you can store an army and swap the 6 you take with you
>>> in and out whenever you're there.

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