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  • From: Kent Petersen <kentkmp@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 11:41:53 -0700

Interesting. I like where your going with that.

On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 11:10 AM, eric drewes <figarus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Party Members
> two of my fav rpgs are Dragon Quest 3 and Final Fantasy 3(6) - and one of
> the major contributors to WHY i like these games is the fact you get to
> customize and choose your parties.  We're gonna take that and go a giant
> leap forward - basically i envision a ton of recruitable characters, but not
> all are created equal and they aren't balanced with one another - you pick
> the ones you personally like for reasons of your own.  If i was going to
> describe this, i would say building your party would be more like a sports
> game than any previous RPG.  The main character is the HERO.  you find party
> members that support and fit in your style of play and that work in harmony
> w/ the main character.  If you're a mage, maybe you need a warrior to be a
> tank for you, or if you're a warrior, you might need a mage who can work as
> a support unit, or maybe you're a pure swordsman and just want a group of
> swordsmen at your side, its up to the player!
> But wait, there's more!
> not all potential party members are created equal.  just like in real life,
> they will vary in strength's, weaknesses, etc.  so it is up to the player to
> decide who they want to join in depending on their needs at the time and
> overall wants for the game.  Another major factor in recruiting and party
> building is POTENTIAL.  Yes, there is a potential system which i think will
> enrich the game and add a layer of depth that will increase the fun.
> Basically when you meet someone, not only will you (perhaps based on
> PERCEPTION/CHARISMA stats) see a "ball-park" figure of about how strong,
> smart, fast they are... you will also see if they have potential to grow
> into GREAT warriors/mages/thieves/adventurers/whatever.  Now the double edge
> of potential is that it doesn't always come to fruition so there is a
> risk-reward factor in weighing your options in recruiting.   Lets say you
> are going to fight a boss and you need an extra warrior along to help out -
> do you pick the good swordsman who is older maybe and doesnt have much
> potential to get better? or do you recruit the young inexperienced guy who
> might not be as good right away but has the potential to develop into an
> awesome swordsman?  THe player will decide these things... Also, you have to
> think, magicians are rare so if you meet one, even if he sucks, do you snag
> him?  I really like the depth these choices give as well as the range of
> experience and replayability it allows for players.
> BUT BUT BUT... how many do we get?
> well i was thinking in combat you get 3 party members but maybe you can
> keep 6 overall and swap them out depending on YOUR needs, injuries, deaths,
> etc.  with instant healing not being a huge part of the game, balancing the
> health of your characters will add another wrinkle into the strategy of
> combat, etc.  The guys not in the combat group would still gain EXP so maybe
> you could stash one of your high potential guys there while he grows.  Also,
> re: potential, just because someone seems like they might have GREAT
> potential doesnt mean it will necessarily develop, its just a CHANCE to
> become much better.  Maybe in the second half of the game you get a castle
> like suikoden where you can store an army and swap the 6 you take with you
> in and out whenever you're there.

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