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Hi Ty: One of the most common problems for nubes seemed to be the positioning of controls on a Windows Form or even on a Webpage. While we can position them manually on a Windows Form using pixels and other measurement types and a grid, table, layout I guess it is still really cumbersome for some nubes. On a Webpage you know the methods, tables, lists, boxes and all the like. CSS handles the positioning and colors but what to put where and what colors go together for attractive web page layout. I should think that using some esoteric rules about colors and some contrast calculations that the color thing should be no problem. Having a taylored layout could be done by a user selecting some layout options for the page from a dialog box of options or wizard for that purpose and then apply CSS to the target HTML or Windows Form or Linux stuff (I know nothing about Linux requirements). It could be Sort of like an O-R Mapper for positioning for blind programmers. Those were my initial thoughts back when I created my layout tutorials. I didn't know enough CSS nor HTML at the time to do that in a short timeframe so just created the tutorial series.

Anyway, that is one question I have seen over and over from nubes.
Rick USA
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Hello all:
I've been looking for some sort of program to release for a while, and I was curious what you all thought would be useful to the community. What kind of tool/utility are we lacking?



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