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  • Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2011 15:35:55 +0700

Hi Jim, 
Please tell me something about eclipse. 
First, I begin use it and not understand how it work. I created a project and a 
source file. But what are they and what they use for? I can write a code in a 
source file, cant I? 
Then, could you tell me how to use the functions of it. Compile, debug, ETC. 
I've found some words such "revert file", "built" - file or project, "debug 
as", "run as", and more. I don't understand them. 
And the end.  On eclipse site, I have found an eclipse version but not for xp. 
It is "eclipse for C/C++ developer - win 32 bit". 
Could you give me some tool and the version of eclipse that for XP, plese. 

nguyen Hoang Giang 

From: Homme, James 
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I think that you would need the CDT plug-in. If you go to the Help menu in 
Eclipse and choose Install Software, you should be able to easily find it and 
install it.






Jim Homme,

Usability Services,

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Hi Tyler, 

What tool needed to use with eclipse? I have written a simple code. but don't 
know how to compile it and debug. 



Nguyen Hoang Giang 



From: Littlefield, Tyler 

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Subject: Re: Eclipse


I am not sure if John managed to pass this on, but you need project and then 
hit b for build. all you need to do is with the eclipse c++, go to file, then 
new, then project and set it up from there. I forget what the keystroke is to 
get to the list of files, but it gives you a sample file you can play with and 
add to.
On 4/11/2011 9:56 PM, giang wrote: 

   Hi all, 

Could you help me about eclipse? I think I should toss C and get C++. 

I've got " Eclipse Classic 3.6.2" and "Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers" on 
eclipse site. But I don't know which is right for me. 

I'm using win xp3 with Jaws 10.0.1154. 

And then, could you show me how to set it up for c++, which tools that needed 
and how to write a simple C++ program? 

Thanks in advance, 


Nguyen Hoang Giang 


yahoo ID and skype name: 


--  Thanks,Ty

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