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I'm not sure about Drupal 7, but in Drupal 6, there is a choice called <none>. 
That hides it.


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Thank you for that. THe first question is answered now :D I am not
totally clear yet on the second though. When i go to the blocks page,
i see them listed, with a list to choose where the block should
appear, but no option to turn it off completely. When i go into '
Configure'  the only way i can think of to get rid of it is to tell it
to only appear at specific pages, only to not list any pages. But i
guess there's an easier way for that.
I can't make much sense of the tabs in that window either ...Sorry I
know it's kind of newbie questions I am asking but I want to
understand this stuff first before I go on. Also, if I turn off a
block what happens to the freed up space? I have no sight at all so I
can't really see whats going on ...


2011/3/14, E.J. Zufelt <lists@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Good morning,
> 1. For table drag you can enable the accessible alternative by activating
> the "Show row weights" link that appears before any table that supports
> dragging.
> 2. You can rearrange and disable blocks (search login) in blocks
> administration.  You can change the settings for primary and secondary links
> on menu > settings.
> HTH,
> Everett Zufelt
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> On 2011-03-14, at 5:00 AM, Florian-achtige wrote:
>> Hi listers,
>> I have a couple of questions on drupal 7 if it's alright... I guess
>> I'll just fire away :D
>> - First, I heard there was an accessible alternative in drupal 7 for
>> the drag-and-drop interfaces. Are these enabled by default or do i
>> need to modify something first?
>> - I want to get rid of the login form, search form, and perhaps the
>> secondary menu for now for one of my pages. Just the primary menu, a
>> header, block of text and then a footer. What would be the easiest way
>> to accomplish this, and will it leave gaping holes in my website once
>> I have killed off those blocks?
>> Thanks a lot,
>> Florian
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