Re: creating an alarm clock in mfc

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Messageah sorry but .net is very accessible

we have a large number of programmers out here that are using it.  

go to:

and get the keyboard shortcuts, the setup hints, and the jaws scripts, and you 
will be running in no time at all.  

there are a set of tutorials in text format on the Jamal's documentation page 
as well.  

. For Blind Programming assistance, Information, Useful Programs, and Links to 
Jamal Mazrui's Text tutorial packages and Applications, visit me at:
. to be able to view a simple programming project in several programming 
languages, visit the Fruit basket demo site at:

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   > Well first I would like to ask why are you writing it in MFC if your using 
Visual studio 2005 why not use .net. 
  I am trying to write accessible programs. It appears that .net isn't 
accessible fully and that can be annoying. MFC seems to be the most accessible 
besides win32 and win32s (but thats a pain to use). Either way, I would use c# 
if it was generally accessible. If you have ideas how to make this happen, let 
me know!!
  >Second if you have to do it in MFC you will want to look at the Outlook 
object model so that your calendar alarm clock will be compatible with current 
appointments and meetings  
  > and tasks.  So if you give me a  > bit better description on what your up 
to I might be able to help since I am currently playing with a more accessible 
Pocket Outlook calendar  
  > manager.
  I saw the Microsoft Outlook View and a few other controls in the com list of 
toolbox controls. What ones do I use and how? BTW, you can use those in .net 

  I messed with the MediaPlayer control and it's pretty cool...

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