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Please can anyone recommend an XML editor or IDE which is compatible with JAWS 
9? Thanks in advance.


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  I don't have the answers to your current questions, but having done a lot of 
college courses, (I was one light semester away from an A S degree), always 
keep in mind that though you should always try to use the required software, 
it's up to the school and instructors to make the class accessible to you!, not 
the other way around. 

  what is the use of that first application? 

  and, several of those second applications seem to be types of Linux based 
server software's, if so,  there are several others than those you mentioned 
that are accessible, and a few with speech applications built into the kernel. 
if I am right, let us know and I or one of the others can guide you to them

  remember, be nice, but be firm with instructors, and don't be afraid to 
solicit aid from the Disabled Students Center if you have one, and/or the dean 
of students and the Dean of facility if you need to.

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  for blind computer users and programmers
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    I am in my final year at university and I am taking a development course. I 
have a few questions as I have been instructed to download the following 
application by the course tutor;

    - Altova XML Spy editor

    My questions are;

    - Is this program accessible with JFW 9?
    - Where can I get a user guide?
    - Is there a more accessible alternative?

    Also I have been told to download one of the following application servers;
    a.. Resin

    a.. Tomcat 

    a.. Sun Application Server 
    a.. Cape Clear 6 

    a.. Systinet WASP 

    a.. BEA WebLogic 
    a.. IBM WebSphere. 

    My questions are basically the same as above;
    - What is an application server?
    - Which of the above is the most accessible?
    - Which of the above is easiest to use?

    Thanks in advance.



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