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  • Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 21:26:18 -0400

This page should have all of the flavors of VS Express 2008, including all in one ISO image.

Don Marang

From: "Hrvoje Katić" <hrvojekatic@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: Visual Studio Express 2008

I can't find download link for VS2008 on Microsoft. There is just for VS2010 and service pack 1 for VS2008 but not full VS2008 express iso.

On 17.3.2010 12:47, RicksPlace wrote:
You can check the download instructions and prerequisits before you install it. As mentioned, there should be diferent versions for the 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems although I should think the xp versus Vista versus Windows 7 should not require diferent versions but read the information before you pick a version to install. Again, the Download And Installation documentation will tell you exactly which module to download and install for your specific system configuration. After you download and install one of them you will want to either set it up to run with JAWS or Windoweyes before you try and do much in the IDE. I use Windoweyes and there are not many scripts available for VS from GW Micro but it works pretty well without them. Ken and others have worked on JAWS scripts for VS since around 2004 if I remember and have tried to keep them free and maintained as well as possible. There are settings inside the VS IDE itself you will want to change to make it more accessible. After that you are ready to rock. But, it is all predicated on picking the right version to download and install so do your homework prior to pulling the trigger. Good Luck and hope you have allot of fun with VS, it is quite accessible once you get everything set up.
Rick USA
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Subject: Visual Studio Express 2008

Hello all,
Two questions. Does anyone know if this works on Windows 7? And if so can I install it on my 64 bit edition?
I hear bad things about 2010, so want to stick with 2008.
Thanks for any answers on this.


Chris Hallsworth
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