Re: [VINUX] Vinux Virtual Edition now released!

  • From: "iSHE cHINYOKA" <chinyoka.consultant@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2010 09:52:05 +0200

Thanks Jared. I will now download the Player then.
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Subject: Re: [VINUX] Vinux Virtual Edition now released!

VMWare Player runs virtual environments set up with VMWare Workstation, if i have everything correct. You do not need Workstation to use Player, but if you want to do any tweaking of the virtual machine Workstation would be required.
On 7/3/2010 3:25 AM, iSHE cHINYOKA wrote:
Hi Don,

Thanks for the VMware scripts and a bit of details you gave on the site. I am just wondering whether one needs the workstation as well if they downloaded the Player, or they are independent of each other.
(Hey, I learnt more about this product on your page than anyway else!)
I need to try this Vinux first on my desktop before committing it to my Lifebook notebook. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Donald Marang" <donald.marang@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, July 03, 2010 8:19 AM
Subject: Re: [VINUX] Vinux Virtual Edition now released!

I do not know the details of your previous VMware experience, so I can not comment on that. In the previous version of Player 2.5, Chris Hallsworth and I wrote some JAWS scripts to help make it more accessible. I ended up extending the scripts to Workstation 6.5. We were pleasantly surprised that the new releases of the Player 7.0 and Workstation were much improved and almost 90% accessible without scripts. Player 3.0 also provided the capability to create Virtual Machines. Still I updated the script package so it now supports Player 2.5, Player 3.1 (latest), and Workstation 6.5/7.1 (latest). Even though without scripts, almost all functionality is accessible, the scripts provide a few nice extras to read the summary pane and announce the VM state in Workstation as you arrow up and down in the Sidebar. They are not absolutely necessary like before. The scripts are provided in the Vinux Virtual Edition or can be downloaded at:

Running VMware in a 64 bit host should not cause any problems that I am aware of. However, I can not personally testify to this.

Don Marang

From: "Alex Hall" <mehgcap@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2010 9:57 PM
To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [VINUX] Vinux Virtual Edition now released!

Sorry, but could you tell us more about the virtual edition? How would
I use it, using jaws11 on win7x64? Last time I tried a VMWare program
it did not work with Jaws and I got nothing but trouble from the
Ubuntu running on it.

On 7/2/10, Donald Marang <donald.marang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Vinux is a Linux distribution based on the latest Ubuntu 10.0.4 Lucid
customized and configured for the blind and visually impaired community. It
has the Orca screen reader for the GUI interface and SpeakUp for the
console. It also has other screen readers installed and two magnifiers. However, it is more than a preconfigured distro, many serious accessibility bugs have been squashed and fed back upstream to be included in the main
Ubuntu repository.  Anyone interested in Linux and / or Open Source
software, and this should be everybody, should check this out.  It is
available as a live CD, live DVD, live USB pen drive, and now a Virtual Edition. A live disk is a bootable disk with full capabilities. The USB edition has persistence to allow personal data and changes to be made to the live disk. Of course, for maximum performance, install Vinux natively to your hard disk. If needed, it can install as a dual boot system next to

Don Marang

From: David Engebretson Jr.
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2010 8:35 PM
To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [VINUX] Vinux Virtual Edition now released!

May I ask a silly question? What is this used for? I've been out of the unix world for about a decade. I will be looking for work in the next year
or so, so I'm wondering if it is something I should spend some time in

thanks for your thoughts,

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  From: Donald Marang
  To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Sent: Friday, July 02, 2010 5:28 PM
  Subject: Fw: [VINUX] Vinux Virtual Edition now released!

I am downloading this now. Vinux 3 is amazing! This Edition provides a preconfigured Virtual Machine with all of the extra features already ready to go. If virtualization is not for you, try the live CD at

  Don Marang

  From: Mobeen Iqbal
  Sent: Friday, July 02, 2010 4:04 PM
  To: vinux-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Subject: [VINUX] Vinux Virtual Edition now released!

  Vinux 3.0 now released!

Back by popular demand, version 3.0 of the Vinux operating system is here. i'd recommend that all new users read all the documentation before powering
on their virtual machines, as the documentation has been updated
significantly and a new version of VMware player has been included that has extra features. some of the changes that have been made in this version are
as follows:

* After intensive testing for nearly a month, The vinux virtual edition
has been re-built based on Vinux 3.0 using VMWare player instead of
  * Both a new version and an old version of VMware player have been
included to insure maximum compatibility with both new and older systems. * The internal virtual hard drive was changed from IDE to SCSI for this release, this should improve performance but if it does not, it will have to be back to IDE for the next release. In terms of size, the drive is 40 GB,
adequate for most users.
* VMware shared folders and copy/paste features have been included, as
well as a VMware menu item to access shared folders.
* A "Change Hotkey" file is now available which allows users to change the
default hotkey combination of control alt to control alt shift when
releasing input with a couple of clicks. Its as simple as clicking a batch
file and answering y at the prompt.
* Quick start guides have now been included in both RTF and HTML format.
  * A web links folder has now been added to the archive so users can
download jaws scripts, visit the main Vinux homepage, and visit the new
Vinux Virtual Edition website.
* A new Vinux Virtual Edition website has now been launched. This can be
found at  Although this website is still under
construction, most things are working at the time of release.
* A windows USB based method has also been created so users can place Vinux on a pen drive and use it on any computer, more information and a quick start guide can be found on the Vinux Virtual website, this will be
announced separately when the guide is available online.

  Please visit the downloads page at the following URL to download the
latest version of the Virtual edition from the mirror closest to you! At the time of writing, there are 3 mirrors available, some may be faster than

  If you are unsure which mirror to use, try the main mirror first.

  A link to the main mirror has been included below for convenience.

  Direct download link:


  a4fe2abdfe76ba648eb405aa3b719386 *Vinux-3.0-Virtual-Edition.exe

  Please provide feedback if you like using this edition of Vinux. As
always, all feedback weather in relation to the virtual edition or the
website is welcome and greatly apreciated. please use the form on the vinux virtual website to leave feedback, or send feedback directly to the vinux
mailing list.

  Thanks for reading!


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Have a great day,
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