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I use WindowEyes but JAWS is better for working with this control.
Do you want to add PullDown Controls like the typical list of options like File 
Edit View or do you want to add your own items?

Hi Rick. The general idea is to learn how to manage all kind of menus available starting with the most common strip at the top of the window application like "File Modify View Insert Tool..." and all their sub menu.

To Add your own I think you would go into the Forms Designer, tab to the MenuStrip Control and Right Click, bring up the Context Menu. Then you can select an option from there, the actual label might be something like Add New Item or Add Pulldown or something like that. A Window will pop up with a ComboBox or ListBox of Controls you can add to your MenuStrip. You select one, click Add Button and tab to the Properties Table for setting the Name, Text and other values for your newly added control. Then you exit

Ok, I will try. I've dragged an Menustrip item on the form till now and something like "Type here" was appaired. Using my braille display I've clicked on it and edit the menu name, after pressing enter a couple of other fields appear at the right and under the first control. You may click on them to add new menu at the same level or under the first one and so forth. It may be possible with jaws but it results very unconfortable and I believe to discover some other way to do it.

the Add Window and click Properties for the new control and select the Event,, such as Click. That is where you will enter your code to be executed when someone opens the Menu and selects your PullDown item by clicking on it.

Ok Rick, I'll see.

This is just an overview from memory.  Let me know if you get stuck on details 
and I'll try to help.

Once again thanks for advice.
Read you soon.
Gabriel, Bologna Italy.

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