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Sorry, I'm not on this list often, but I have man books on Excel and VBA
programming.  Just email me off list and tell me the version of Excel
you're using, and I'll let you know what I've got (that is, if you're
still looking for books).



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> Hi,
> Please forgive me if this is off topic.
> I'd like to get an idea if array formulas will help me with a 
> problem in
> Excel. First, I need to understand how they work. Secondly, 
> here is the
> problem. In a work sheet, I have a column of data that I want 
> to use for
> categories. On another sheet, I formatted a column so that it 
> contains a
> drop down list that picks from the column in the first sheet. 
> Here's the
> issue. I want to add to a total that corresponds to whatever 
> category I
> happen to pick. For example, if the category in a cell is 
> baseball tickets,
> I want to add to that total. If the category is clothes, I 
> want to add to
> that one. I would very much like to avoid summing categories 
> even if they
> have zero values. By that, I mean that I don't want to have 
> to have a sheet
> that has a row for every single category. I just want to add 
> to a category
> total if I pick it. Besides all of that, I want to roll up 
> everything into
> daily, weekly, and monthly totals only for the categories I 
> use. I don't
> even know if all of this is possible. If this is the wrong 
> list to talk
> about this on, where can I take the question?
> Thanks.
> Jim
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