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>>What is the reason for merging the lists? You said so that there is only one list for programming for the blind. I take it to be consolidation, >>then?

>JB: Yes.
My question is why? What problem exists that this is going to solve?

On 8/29/2011 12:04 PM, Jeff Bishop wrote:

See comments below:

Here are a few off the top of my head: (I'm sure there are others)

How will the transition take place? Subscribe from one, unsubscribe from another? A true merger?

JB: We will work with FreeLists and move the users that are not on program-l to the new list from this list. Users shouldn't need to do anything but as stated things will move very slowly and constant communication will be maintained on the list.

How is conflict resolution handled E.G. duplicate sign-ups? What about folks who are already subscribed to both lists with the same address, or maybe with different addresses?

JB: If they have two separate addresses they will need to manually unsubscribe one. I don't see an easy way to determine this.

What about rules? What are the significant rule changes between this list and program. Does that in any way change in the new list, etc.?

JB: I will discuss this further with George but I believe his open style will be fine for this list but will take care of discussing this situation with him and post feedback to the list.

What happens with traffic? Is the list traffic going to double? Note: this is an exponential number scaled by percentages. In another words, you could claim that 15% of members post 10% of the time, but once you grow those members, then this number scales up quickly. The practical concern here is the fallout of that percentage math. For example, will 20 posts a day shoot up to 50, 60? Stay at 20? What?

JB: This is not something I can easily determine unfortunately.

Why wasn't this discussed on the list before the decision was just made. Jamal had some input, and apparently a few others, but only now, after some folks are threatening to leave, or are leaving, is it only getting discussed?

JB: My mistake and I will take the heat for that. Leave if you must but I think 60 days notice is nothing more then fair.

What is the reason for merging the lists? You said so that there is only one list for programming for the blind. I take it to be consolidation, then?

JB: Yes.

Thanks much

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Hello Everyone,

A couple of people have expressed concern about merging the two lists. I will review input from all list members sent from now until next Monday.

Send your feedback now and I will give everyone an update next Tuesday morning.

Jeff Bishop


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