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What is HTA and what can you do with it? It sounds like a scripting language (sort of) that is formatted with html?

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I am not sure this went through when I sent it the other day. I
created a Fruit basket for HTA. I tried pasting it into the
email but
because it's an HTA script it ran in the email which was really
kind of
weird and neat at the same time. The other cool thing is you can
run it as
an application as its designed or you can go to it with a web
browser if you
save it on a server. It's really kind of cool. Anyway if you
want to down
load it I have it zipped up and I have also sent it to Inthane to
put on his
grab bag. You will find it's a real easy way to make a program
being that
you make the controls using html so the alignment can be done
easily.  There
is only one file in the zip called FruitBasket.hta all you have
to do to run
it is select it and press enter you don't need anything more than
what is
already on your computer if you have xp or vista to run it.

If this announcement got to the list twice sorry about that.

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