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Hi -- I bought several of the ATT natural voices along with text aloud a 
while back.  They indeed do sound more human than Eloquence, but speeding 
them up makes them choppy, and so for screen reading I very much prefer the 
more robotic synths.
Still, sending sound files to people or posting on a website for the general 
visitor (not just blind persons who prefer listening at break neck speeds), 
the ATT voices are nice. They also have synths for a variety of languages, 
and text aloud lets you edit escape sequences in the text to switch to 
different voices, or change rate / volume on the fly within the same 
Thought I'd pass it along... Happy listening.

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> Ok. Maybe I am used to it?

Yaa, could be. I could be imagining things too. What do you think
about voices like the AT & T natural voices? I've been thinking about
buying a license to use those, but I'm not sure. They definitely sound
pretty natural, but I don't know for sure if that is actually
desirable for a programming environment for the blind.

Here's a link if you don't know about these voices:

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