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That's why you use Mojo Portal.  Mojo doesn't have any of these type of
issues.  It's fully customizable.  


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Hi Everett: I have done a little poking around google to look at some Drupal
sites. I find many, many with very rough interfaces when using a screen
reader and some that you could not tell from a custom website - really
nicely laid out. Most of the Government sites were pretty nice and straight

If I want to build or modify templates, views and third party modules would
I need the PHP development stuff on my local machine or do the Drupal Hosts
allow for that level of programming by the nature of Drupal itself?

Most of the sites I have looked at that are demos displayed by some of the
hosts I have looked at re not very clean with a screen reader. Duplicat
links like having a link labeled HOME and then right after the link having a
List with one link in the LIst labeled HOME. Of course the Screen reader
reads the Home Link then something like List 1 with 1 item and then
cursoring down you get the HOME link, the second HOME link, again and then
the notification that you are at the end of the list. I notice this type of
duplication allot in Drupal sites but not in all of them. This would be the
type of thing  I would want to get rid of so my sites look like normal, hand
coded, websites and not canned webpages. Anyway, Can I make the programming
mods necessary online or would I need a local development environment to
work with the MySql DB stuff, the PHP and whatever else might be involved.


Rick USA


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