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  • From: "Littlefield, Tyler" <tyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 08:44:14 -0700

>The only thing online
u can't do is have root access, for obvious reasons.
Any server that's not shared hosting (vps, or dedicated) should give you root access, with no extra cost. You don't need root access to mod a script or something, though.
On 12/15/2010 8:26 AM, Jackie McBride wrote:
You'd be able to do that online just fine, Rick. The only thing online
u can't do is have root access, for obvious reasons. Ty mentioned
linode&  it'd give u that also, but for a price.

Drupal sites to some extent are as accessible as the site owners want
their site to be. There isn't anything inherent in drupal that makes
it inaccessible.

On 12/15/10, RicksPlace<ofbgmail@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Hi Everett: I have done a little poking around google to look at some Drupal
sites. I find many, many with very rough interfaces when using a screen
reader and some that you could not tell from a custom website - really
nicely laid out. Most of the Government sites were pretty nice and straight
If I want to build or modify templates, views and third party modules would
I need the PHP development stuff on my local machine or do the Drupal Hosts
allow for that level of programming by the nature of Drupal itself?
Most of the sites I have looked at that are demos displayed by some of the
hosts I have looked at re not very clean with a screen reader. Duplicat
links like having a link labeled HOME and then right after the link having a
List with one link in the LIst labeled HOME. Of course the Screen reader
reads the Home Link then something like List 1 with 1 item and then
cursoring down you get the HOME link, the second HOME link, again and then
the notification that you are at the end of the list. I notice this type of
duplication allot in Drupal sites but not in all of them. This would be the
type of thing  I would want to get rid of so my sites look like normal, hand
coded, websites and not canned webpages. Anyway, Can I make the programming
mods necessary online or would I need a local development environment to
work with the MySql DB stuff, the PHP and whatever else might be involved.
Rick USA



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