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Hi Jamal,
Yes. The site is set up like that. Thanks for putting this so clearly.


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Typically, I find that I can edit content I created on a Drupal-based
site by taking the following steps.  Of course, I have to be logged in
so that I am able to write content, as opposed to just reading it.

I then click on the link to the content I want to edit so that its
content is fully displayed.  Using the JAWS Find feature, I search for a
link containing the word "Edit."  After I click that, I am usually
presented with the content as it was originally created.  I can make
changes to different fields of the form (which is usually a "story"
content type).  I turn off forms mode and press the B key until I find a
button containing the word "Save."  Clicking that button submits the
changes to the web site.

Is now set up so that a technique like this will work?


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