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OK I have a fixed version but there is only create content on that web site.
I suppose we should have the ability to edit and or delete the ones we have
added so we can keep them up to date.




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Did this compile on your computer?


In your main file, you have the following code:



                                P rotected void onDestroy() {



I'm guessing that's supposed to be protected, but I'm amazed that it
compiled, as in, I don't get it.


It's a simple typo, whatever, but just weird that you didn't get majorly
yelled at by the compiler.


Any ideas?


Take care,



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I have just added a very simple Android FruitBasket to the list.  The
problem is making the program is simple getting it to run on an emulator if
you don't have one set up is a little harder.  I put the link to the getting
started page and some other notes with it on  


A note for Jim and Jamal 

 the file browsing portion of Druple seems to suck with Jaws.  I will have
to test this at work.




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