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I have and they suck balls!

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Andy, have you heard of the bands Oxes or Foe?

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These are new lyrics.  The song is currently called "She Steals The
Cars", though this may change.

Blackened smoke-stained chimney stacks
and blackened smoke-stained skies.
An air of desparation
from each congested pore.

We worked so hard to get here,
to this place under this aching light.
We're wishing for cracks
and the collapse of ceilings.

Black flies
lay their eggs in the
An ocean of formaldehyde.

after wave,=20
after wave,
after wave.

We have lyrics to three other songs on www.acregate.com/lyrics.html -
Changes are that "Nothing Stings Like Salt In A Wound" is now called
With A Capital "GR"", and the "hypodermic needles" paragraph of "Ripping
The City Scabs!" has been removed.

Cool, give us feedback, tell me what you think.  And if you haven't,
sign up
to the mailing list!

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