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  • Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 11:30:09 +0100

I haven't really heard of any of Andy's listed bands except Drowing Man.

You have to look out for a band called The Darkness.


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> Kind of Hardcore-ish/rock.
> Nothing special, although some people there were really into them.

Ok, well, I'll keep an ear out if they're playing locally.  SOme amazing
bands are playing up here though - Darkest Hour, Dead Blue Sky, Drowningman,
possibly even Converge.  And I'm seeing Twelve Hour Turn this Sunday which
is the mother-fuck of awesome.

What's everyone listening to at the moment?

I'm mostly listening to:

Joy Division
Blood Brothers
The Computer Kills
Rudimentary Peni  (Teenage Time Killers is *still* fucking awesome)

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