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i'm awake

well sort of

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Somebody, somewhere, is promoting the fact that Acregate is supporting
Deluge...  I've already had this today in my inbox from the girl I met =
the club in Manchester:

"i see your band are playing the monro in july. i might try come to =
that if
i have any money and could find anyone to come with me. sounds like =

I have NO IDEA who is doing it though, because the only people who know =
you guys and the band.  I mean, I'm not pissed off, I'd just really =
like to
see it... :)

This is the band we're supporting...  This was in a e-mail from
www.assemblylinemusic.com - Brilliant place for cheap =

"DELUGE - 'Spot in The Shadow' CD (Tolerance)... =A38.00
Deluge is a Texel/Netherlands based hardcore band. The band plays an
energetic mix of old- and newschool hardcore. Heavy and fast =
are in perfect harmony with the melodic piano-parts that colors each =
Deluge is trying to cross the border without losing the anger of =
Influences from bands like Madball, NOFX, Shai hulud and Snapcase =
one and create their own dynamic sound. Don't expect tough-guy or =
edge lyrics, simply because they're not. Most of them are personal or =
to deal with the individualization of humanity (and what's connected =
that), but also with hardcore itself."

Is anybody awake yet?

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