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Please provide an email address to the members where they can send you their 
personal concerns. 
Thank you for your understanding. 

Have a good day.



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Could you please take me off the mailing list? I am no longer in the Phoenix 
area. Thank you!


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Hi Terri,
FYI if you place the addresses you are mailing to in the BCC field instead of 
the TO field myself and everyone else won't get all of the responses. I want to 
be on the mailing list but do not want to see anyone's responses. Thanks. 
Laurie Ricci

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On Jun 10, 2013, at 12:11 PM, Terri <cosmicstarstuff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Mike's Summer 2013 Astronomy Lecture Series

Come one, come all, invite all your friends, bring your family to a Lecture 
Series you will totally enjoy and learn from. 

Mike is hosting 4 parties this summer! Mike's home is in Carefree. RSVP 
Primefactory@xxxxx or 480 488 3031.

Here are the details. 

Every event has a potluck at 5:30pm. 
Lecture starts at 7pm.
At the close of the Lecture, we will have
3 events with Movie Night, and one event
that falls on a very awesome, no moon night,
in which we will have a star party, weather permitting. 

All events are Free and open to the public. The links will take you right to 
the calendar page for easy RSVP. Go RSVP your attendance right now! or RSVP at 
Events@xxxxxxxxx. Mention your first name and how many will be in your party, 
also if you are attending only the Lecture, or the Potluck as well.

June 22: "Killer Asteroids" 

July 13: "Upcoming Astronomical Disasters"

July 27: "Quantum Springs" 

Aug 24: "Galactic Jets & Cosmic Evolution" 

These events are Rain or shine for the Lecture. If it is raining, too cloudy, 
or too windy on July 13, we will change the event from Star Party to Movie 
Night. But the Lecture Must Go On!

We will see you  there!

Terri, Event Coordinator

Please remember to RSVP your attendance in the PAS Calendar, or through Mike. 

And please sign up in Perfect Potluck with the Main Dish you are bringing and 
the drink you are bringing to share. If Perfect Potluck isn't letting you in, 
send your food RSVP to Terri Events@xxxxxxxxx.  Thanks!

Your RSVP reserves you a seat. Seats are not limited, but space in Mike's 
living room is, and he'd like to set up enough chairs for everyone attending. 
Please RSVP.
Good friends are like stars. You don't always
see them, but you always know they are there.
Terri Phoenix Astronomical Society Event Coordinator
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