[photodesk] Can anyone replicate this Photodesk problem?

  • From: CJE Sales <sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: photodesk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 13:36:37 +0000 (GMT)

We've had a report from a Photodesk user of a possible couple of bugs. The
reported problems are:

1. When you 'drag out an area to magnify' the window now jumps to fill out
to the bottom of the screen, obscuring the Tool Bar.

2. Overwriting a file causes an infinite loop, described below: 
   1. Click on the icon bar and then on Create. Draw a squiggle.
      Save as 'Try'
   2. Again click on the icon bar and then on Create. Draw another squiggle.
      Save to same directory as 'Try'
   3. Message says 'Warning Object already exists. Overwrite?'
      Click Overwrite.
   4. Message says 'To save, drag the icon to a directory viewer'.
      To obey that, you have to repeat 3, which repeats 4, and so on
      ad infinitum.

The user has an Iyonix with RISC OS 5.16 and 512MB RAM. Unfortunately we've
been unable to replicate either problem on a similar system (or any other
system) here, so wondered if anyone else has either come across these
problems, or can replicate them on their system?

Many thanks,


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