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  • Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 10:03:24 -0600

If you only have one small partition where the OS is installed, 
and you want to install XP over that, you can.  Something other 
than that, you'll have to wait for more replies.  ;-)  Yes, if 
you only have one partition and if you delete that partition, 
then everything on that partition will be deleted.

There's probably some free partition programs out there if you 
look.  Or at least some that can be used free for a certain 
period of time.

God Bless
Clint Hamilton, Owner

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From: "LarryB"

On the backup part I would ask if it also backs up the OS.
Problem is you can't see what is in the backup without 
restoring it.

I believe I only have one small partition where the OS is 
installed. I
was just
concerned that I would delete all on the drive if I deleted the
partition and then remade it.

I'll look into getting a partitioning program and hope I can 
use it ok.
Thanks as always Clint

K & L Electronics
South Carolina

Clint Hamilton wrote:

I've never tried it, but from the sound of it I believe that
"Backup" under System Tools will backup EVERYTHING. "All
information on this computer". This is in the basic mode. You
can go to Advanced mode and "Backup wizard" and "Backup
everything on this computer".

As to if "creating a new partition" will delete everything, I
can't say for sure because every time I've done that I didn't
want to save anything, but reformat. Since nothing was saved
from the previous install, obviously I can conclude from that
it deletes the drive. However, this was because I chose to
create new partitions. But I believe you can create a new
partition then install XP on that new partition, but that's
iffy because it has to move all the data on the drive to make
the room for the new partition. Something like that is best
done with a partitioning program.

Again, I've never tried to do any of that so I can't answer
that part for sure. Now that I remember, I have in the past
deleted the Windows partition directory and started over on
that C: partition and my other partitions were intact. I had
the main C: Windows partition and a storage partition--which
remained untouched. I don't know if that's exactly what you
want because I don't know if you want to save files on the C:
area or another.

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From: "LarryB"

I notice that when you put your disk in for XP you have
choices. One is
to repair and another is to install a fresh copy.

My questions are when you do a fresh copy you are asked to make
Does that delete all files on you hd?
Is there anyway to install a fresh copy without deleting the
files on
the hd?
I have made a backup of all my data files with the M$ backup
utility on
the computer so I'm not worried about that. It is just
programs that I really do not want to do.

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