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Simple question, but maybe it works. You say that you have the patch
downloaded? Do you have it in the correct place?

Have you tried rebooting?


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| Well here I am, the queen of errors, back again with yet another problem.
My PSP has lost a few of it's common functions.  Went to PSP trouble
shooting & found the answer was in a simple remove a file & download a
patch.  Two hours on line downloading this patch and the install was aborted
with this message:
| file C:windows\system\msvcp60.dll is in use & cannot be installed.  Please
exit all other applications & retry.
| Well nothing to my knowledge was running but I used EndItAll & tried
again.  Of course I got the same message.  It was suggested that I needed to
replace the dll.
| Went on line, found the dll, went to put it in, still EndItAll was active,
and this is the message I received: The process cannot access the file
because it is being used by another process cannot create
| OK...who is using it?  How can I get it to give it up?  More importantly
how can I install this dll?
| Please help, my hair is falling out by the handfuls!
| Jan

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