[ourlunchgroup] Re: 100 pounds!!!!!

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  • Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 15:43:41 -0700 (PDT)

or mayb like me the kids would get sooooo super de duper excited to eat it they 
forgot bout the egg i would or mayb they couldnt figure out where in the world 
the toy was :) sorry my replies are so late i just cant get on as much  sorry 
_*-*_Nessa girl =+)_*-*_

--- On Mon, 7/4/11, Megan Frei <mfrei95@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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Subject: [ourlunchgroup] Re: 100 pounds!!!!!
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Date: Monday, July 4, 2011, 2:57 PM

Or it tells you something about the parents that are supposed to be taking care 
of their children  

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On Jul 4, 2011, at 8:49 AM, Sandro <air.head015@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What about if I were eleven?


On Jul 4, 2011, at 8:38 AM, Daniel Spreier <crazypirate22@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey Freshman (Sandro) If you were two years old, I'm sure you'd choke too.

On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 7:27 AM, Sandro <air.head015@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Kinder eggs are sold all across the world except in america now, American kids 
kept choking on the toy.  Tells you something about the average intelligence of 
the typical American youth.

On Jul 3, 2011, at 10:28 PM, Megan Frei <mfrei95@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

1. A kinder egg is a chocolate egg with a toy inside.2. It's better to bike in 
the morning because it's not as hot.

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On Jul 3, 2011, at 9:52 PM, Jarom Denton <smileybob234@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What's a kinder egg? so I was thinking.. why are we doing the mountain bike 
trip in the morning on Saturday? is it because everybody is busy in the 

- Lalomu (totally Jarom in Hawiian) :)

this cake sounds amazing! thanks guys :) 

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