Re: pl/sql to be desupported in favour of java?

  • From: Phil Singer <psinger1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 21:14:49 -0500

Jacques Kilchoer wrote:
Au contraire, my dear chap.
When your managers start throwing around fancy buzzwords like .NET, J2EE, XML, send them here:
Micro Focus Net Express® is the market-leading COBOL development environment for extending core business processes to the .NET Framework and other distributed platforms. Powerful integration with Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Framework plus direct COBOL Web services capabilities, J2EE connectivity and XML support allow easy integration of existing and new COBOL applications with leading enterprise technologies.

Micro Focus Net Express® provides a complete environment for quickly building and modernizing COBOL enterprise components and business applications.

Yes, but this still is COBOL. COBOL calling strange routines, but COBOL nonetheless.

Remember, both COBOL, .Net, Java, and PL/SQL are Turing Complete languages.

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