RE: pl/sql to be desupported in favour of java?

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Oracle did a bunch of surveys of SOA customers to identify how they most 
quickly leveraged SOA technology for quick wins.  Of the three patterns that 
emerged as the most useful aspect of adopting SOA, extending the mainframe was 
one of them.  
  mainframes all have adapters that expose mainframe data/processes to SOA 
based applications, so the idea is that you don't need the COBOL folks to 
modify mainframe based procedures,  just use the adapters to expose the 
data/functions as services to be orchestrated into new composite apps.
  There is a good white paper on the use cases/business value that came out of 
that study.  
  if anyone is interested, drop me an email, and I'll dig up the otn link, or 
post my electronic copy of it.

Jacques Kilchoer <Jacques.Kilchoer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      Au contraire, my dear chap.
  When your managers start throwing around fancy buzzwords like .NET, J2EE, 
XML, send them here:
  Micro Focus Net Express® is the market-leading COBOL development environment 
for extending core business processes to the .NET Framework and other 
distributed platforms. Powerful integration with Microsoft Visual Studio and 
the .NET Framework plus direct COBOL Web services capabilities, J2EE 
connectivity and XML support allow easy integration of existing and new COBOL 
applications with leading enterprise technologies.
    Micro Focus Net Express® provides a complete environment for quickly 
building and modernizing COBOL enterprise components and business applications.

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  You mean COBOL isn't dead? ;-)
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On 12/14/06, Leng Kaing <Leng.Kaing@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:           Someone has 
just brought this up to my attention and I thought "What? Why haven't I heard 
of this?" Has anyone heard of this rumor? What version of Oracle are we talking 
about? 11g?

The way  I heard it, PL/SQL will go away soon after COBOL does. 

Jared Still
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