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On 10/1/19 2:07 AM, Franck Pachot wrote:

The second point if you have to re-buy is whether you need EE or can go to SE where you count the sockets and you have one socket per server, right? That can be a huge cost saving. Of course you will not have the same protection as Data Guard. But there are solutions like Dbvisit standby which are ok if business is ok for a RPO of 10-15 minutes in case of failover.

That would severely limit his options. It's not just standby, SE cannot do rman in parallel which severely limits database size. Why bother with clunky Oracle SE when DB2 or SQL Server can do the same thing at significantly lower price? DB2 can execute PL/SQL as a native language. It's definitely more powerful than Oracle SE and still cheaper. You will also get in memory option for free, known as "Blu Acceleration", which was actually pioneered by IBM and made available a year before Oracle In-Memory option in DB2 v10. SQL Server too has a columnar store option.

People sometimes make mistake and decide to replace Oracle by open source software, which is not that easy. OSS databases are nowhere near commercial databases in terms of stability and features. Competing commercial databases, on the other hand, are closely following Oracle and trying to swallow a part of the market. IBM is pretty good with that and so is SQL Server. SAP Hana is also making inroads, despite some questionable design decisions. SAP Hana is, however, rather pricey. My favourite is DB2 because of the ability to run PL/SQL code.

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