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Thanks Seth, I know its messy but when I raised the idea of using a licensing advisor it was shot down because that could be even more money with no guarantee of savings. I'm just trying to get some input/validation from the group before we leap off the bridge, so to speak.

- Jack

Jack, there are only two possibilities: either you can migrate some of your apps off Oracle RDBMS or you can not. If you can not, then you have to cough up the cash. If you can, go ahead and do it. You would be surprised to see how Oracle Corp. attitude can change if you start migrating apps to DB2. If your apps are written in Java, using an ORM, you shouldn't have any problems. For DW applications, I wholeheartedly recommend SQL*Server. SQL Server is an excellent database and can easily pull data from Oracle RDBMS. The way to make Oracle products cheaper is not to buy them. And that's it.

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