RE: all time worst question I have been ever asked as a DBA

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That makes me remember a funny case long time ago (7.3 or 8.0):


Issue: VAX workstation running reports in control room in a steel factory have 
to wait 60min for a report to complete, in the meanwhile the control room has 
no access to information since computer is running report and not allowing to 
do anything else. Totally unacceptable.


Team involved: Manager, developer, DBA (me).


DBA: (to developer) Can you please tell me how are you getting info for the 

Dev: Every query calls a view where I have all data I need, since that view 
calls another view which calls some other views and then another and …….  

DBA: Ooooook, so basically in your final view you are returning almost entire 
DB data using nested views, right?

Dev: Yes but this way I can use same view to get all the information I need for 
practically every query I have to execute!

DBA: (to manager) give me some time and I will reduce response time by removing 
unnecessary views.

Dev: But I need those views! If I don’t use them I will have to write very 
specific queries for everything I need from the database!

Manager: I don’t know what to do.

DBA: You should let DBA take care of database activities.


After sometime response time for report was improved to 60 seconds. 



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From a Jr. DBA at Aerospace company

From DBA to Oracle Developer


I ran the package.pkg script, but you have another file that is looks the same 
(packageb.pkg), I didn't run that one...

ex.2 (same guy)

Developer asks DBA, what privileges does that user in production have?   


DBA's response:

OK let me look... HMMMM...  After 5 mins, I don't remember what table that is 
in...  Let me get back with you on that!  He never did


Sr. DBA with the same Oracle Developer

DBA LOCKS batch_user while running scheduled jobs during production daily 
loads, after several hundred alerts and failures



Hey did you lock the batch user in production?  




Why would you do that when we are running jobs in production!


It had some sessions open so I locked the user, it shouldn't open any sessions 
in production!


OK, he went to managment to get this issue recified...


WOW Needless to say I was OTFLOL



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I have some of those.. 


User: can you please create this table?

DBA: No, table already exists in your schema.

User: Oh, can you please force create?



User: Pls upgrade to 11g, but not entire database only my schema, I don’t want 
the other users to be affected




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Well, you made at least half the list's day with this one.  From all of us, 
"thank you"


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        So, I am getting this error on one of our virtual Linux servers:
        ORA-00210: cannot open the specified control file
        ORA-00202: control file: '/u01/app/oracle/datafiles/devdb/control01.ctl'
        ORA-27086: unable to lock file - already in use
        Its probably due to a stale NFS lock.  The question from my sys admin:

        -rw-r----- 1 oracle oinstall 10076160 Jul 22 13:33 control01.ctl


        can that file just be removed

        Ok, I am a little frustrated with him...
        Andrew W. Kerber
        'If at first you dont succeed, dont take up skydiving.'




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