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  • Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 08:40:53 -0400

One VERY useful profile parameter in these cases is the CPU_PER_CALL.
I've had this limited down to something like 5 minutes in the past for a
user who could not control their SQL.  If left to unlimited their sql
would run for days.  IDLE_TIME is another good one for those folks who
don't know how to properly shutdown their PC's.

Dick Goulet 
Senior Oracle DBA/NA Team Lead 
PAREXEL International 



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That is very true. Though most of their data comes from individual
tables, occasionally they may join..
I will also put some additional restrictions on their profile. 
Thanks for catching it!


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All these thoughts of people who don't know SQL writing SQL, returning
results sets with six-figure cardinalities, ...quite arousing.

Sounds like the opening chapter of an interesting story. :-)


Cary Millsap
Method R Corporation

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 2:40 PM, Upendra N <nupendra@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Thanks for everyone who responded.
        I'll enable sqlnet.expire_time, that should handle the dead
        I checked out SQL Developer, it is a nice query tool but not
intuitive enough for some one who doesn't know SQL.
        Right now in MS Access the business users drag/drop columns to
build a query, anything similar in nature would be easier for me to
        Am I just being paranoid or Access is capable of handling large
queries (upto ~200K records)?
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        > Hi,
        > Another solution (depending if the session is really dead)
could be to enable dcd (dead client detection, sqlnet.expire_time) in de
sqlnet.ora file on de server.
        > regards,
        > Freek D'Hooge
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        > Oracle Database Administrator
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        > Why not write a dead session detection script that looks for
and clears these sessions out and schedule it to run every X minutes?
        > Or maybe create an on-demand script that is launched via a web
application or by the operators.
        > --

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