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  • Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 11:17:53 -0800

The other restriction that really hurts is that SE is restricted to 1 channel. 
As for the underlying question whether it is sufficient to run the RMAN catalog 
on SE I would assume (but haven't tested) that you ought to be able to have the 
RMAN catalog on SE (or even SE one, you don't need more than 2 cpus) to hold 
the catalog for EE databases. Since RMAN runs in the target database its 
capabilites should be determined by the target database, not the catalog 
database - except in the case where you want to back up your catalog with RMAN 
since then the target IS the catalog database. However, since the catalog is 
rather small (if you are not running anything else in it) none of the 
restrictions should be limiting.
Quoting James Thomson <jrthomso@xxxxxxx>:

> The main one we came across is that incremental backups are not possible, at
> least on   RMAN is kind enough to inform you of this if you try it:
> RMAN-03002: failure of backup command at 01/12/2005 11:44:46
> RMAN-06180: incremental backups require Enterprise Edition
> There are a few other restrictions outlined in the Oracle 9i Database
> Product Family available on OTN.
> James Thomson
> Database Administrator
> University of Victoria
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> Dear Guys,
> To save costs we are purchasing Oracle standard edition licenses where
> we can.  I am considering purchasing them for our Oracle database server
> which only houses OEM's repository and RMAN's centralized catalog.
> Are there any restrictions to running RMAN with Standard Edition????
> Thanks,
> Paula
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