Re: Oracle9i data file size limitations on HPUX 11.11

  • From: Alexander Gorbachev <gorbyx@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: greg.loughmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 20:53:45 +0100

Our limit for 4K block is 16Gb (Oracle limit). Or limit for 8k is 32Gb
(HP-UX limit) minus first 8k or something which Oracle skips.
This is true for raw devices and filesystems.

Best regards,
Alex Gorbachev

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004 08:17:39 -0600, Loughmiller, Greg
<greg.loughmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Quick question. We are working on an effort that will have a multiple
> Terabyte database.  I am seeing conflicting information about the max size
> of a data file that Oracle will support. I see where a "vendor" indicates a
> 1.9TB data file in their proposal. But what I'm finding in the Oracle Doc is
> approx 127GB (32K block size). And the typical search of the web turns up
> yet a different answer.....

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