RE: ORA-1578...block corrupted...error is normal...a block...had a NOLOGGING...operation performed against

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  • Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:59:50 -0700

Actually, the documentation does give *some* indication that the index 
maintenance portion is not "direct", although it's not very clear, and then 
clouded even further by the wording in the logging_clause section mentioned 


Index Maintenance with Direct-Path INSERT

Oracle performs index maintenance at the end of direct-path INSERT operations 
on tables (partitioned or nonpartitioned) that have indexes. This index 
maintenance is performed by the parallel execution servers for parallel 
direct-path INSERT or by the single process for serial direct-path INSERT. You 
can avoid the performance impact of index maintenance by dropping the index 
before the INSERT operation and then rebuilding it afterward.

I also found a thread on this same topic over at 
( , and 
here is what Tom says:

"you have indexes on the table.  indexes cannot be "appended" to, they must 
be modified.  These modifications must be logged.  The redo/undo for the table 
itself is not generated, the redo/undo for the INDEXES always is."

So, I've posted a note to the same thread asking Tom to confirm if there is a 
documenation bug.


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On 08/24/2005 12:24:28 PM, Allen, Brandon wrote:
> Mladen, you also seem to be missing the point.  You say the documentation is 
> wrong - but then you go on to agree with it later in the same paragraph 
> ("Oracle, as a matter of fact, allows you to bypass logging for speed").

Documentation is wrong when it mentions "direct inserts into index". There is 
no such thing.

Mladen Gogala

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