RE: Hierarchical table design, child has multiple parent

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What you want is a Bill of Material (BOM) structure. The product is the
parent and the parts (ingredients) are the children.  The "where used"
function allows finding all parents for a child normally.  

There are BOM type examples available via the web.

HTH -- Mark D Powell CPIM, CIRM --

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Hello All,
I wanted to create a schema in which Parent child relationship needs to be
maintained where a child can have multiple parents. Like addition of
ingredients to create a final product, where the ingredients are the parents
and resultant product is the child.
How should I go to store this kind of data? My requirment also includes to
explode this structure and should be able to reach up to the top most parent
in the heirarchy?
If anyone has any reference, from where I can pick this information please

Thanks in advance.




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