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    I agree with you for one extremely good reason.  Sooner or later
someone is going to want to change those tables from global temps to
permanent.  BTDT, it's only a matter of when, not if.

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Hello All,


Our Developers are creating Global Temporary tables then granting
select, update, delete, and insert privileges to PUBLIC.  These global
temporary tables will contain sensitive HR data.  I realize the data is
only visible to the current session, but I still don't like having all
privileges granted to PUBLIC.  Can anybody tell me if there is a
credible security risk to granting these tables to PUBLIC?  For example,
due to an Oracle bug or hacking?  Or are there other disadvantages to
granting everything to PUBLIC?  Or is it standard practice to grant
these tables to public?


I would like to grant access only to users that will need the table, but
the other DBA prefers to grant PUBLIC, because it is easier.


Thanks for any comments!



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