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  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 18:58:51 -0700 (PDT)

--- DENNIS WILLIAMS <DWILLIAMS@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Michael
>    Thanks for the additional info. At this point I
> appreciate all I can get.
> Although you did have some unsettling news ("our TNS
> entries would no longer
> work in a few cases" ???).


It's nothing systematic. Our 'corporate' policy was
to set TRUE on all databases. I tested many of my
instances and found the settings were usually FALSE.
No big suprise that people would not follow their own
guidance. :-)

I discovered the TNS alias problem by curiosity and 
luck. There were a few new TNS entries among our 
hundreds of databases in the tnsnames.ora file, one
or two I was actually using at the time, where I 
noticed it would be impossible to keep the TNS
alias and convert the database to TRUE. I remember
thinking to verify GLOBAL_NAMES=TRUE when testing
new TNS configurations at this client site. 

Unfortunately, I can't remember the exact reason. 
At the time, I double checked to confirm it would 
cause a problem, and made a couple test cases as 
proof, because it seemed so unlikely. Normally,
you can setup tnsnames.ora at the server to
be almost anything and fix this type of problem, 
but these guys used the same file for client and 
server. I know the developers would have been 
upset if we had to change the client TNS aliases.

Sorry. I wish I could remember the exact reasons.
Frustrating for me too. I might simply suggest 
verifying the TNS entries after setting it TRUE.



Mike Thomas

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