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  • From: "Laimutis Nedzinskas" <Laimutis.Nedzinskas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 16:17:49 -0000

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From: Boris Dali [mailto:boris_dali@xxxxxxxx] 
> Primary db's network cable unplugged.
> FSFO happens(?) - it should, this is the whole idea of it.
No, I believe it doesn't if your target standby is unsynchronized.

OK, I got it. 

Case 1. If primary is running in Maximum Protection mode then with cable
unplugged it will shutdown and even if opened and made available again
it will not commit any more transactions.

Case 2. if primary is running in Maximum Availability mode: it will not
shutdown with cable unplugged. 
It must go into Maximum Performance mode. 
As far as I know Oracle pings standby about every 120-180 secs (it
probably depends on tcp/ip timeouts?) 
Which gives about the same time for "split brain" situation when Primary
is made available again, doesn't it? 


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