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Why do you think 31 partitions are too many to manage?  We have several 
tables with hundreds of partitions - keyed on date or some other ID.  We 
usually go ahead and pre-create all the partitions we think we'll need for 
a good while (just one extent per empty partition segment) so the 
maintenance is minimal.  We have scripts that we do simple edits on and 
run when we need to add a new set of partitions or drop a no-longer-used 
set.  We also do the same for all the partitioned local indexes (only kind 
we have) on the partitioned tables.  It's pretty easy.

Script everything and don't worry too much about maintenance.

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Hi all,

just a question to discuss. I've a table want to be partitioned. Partition 
key should be a date field. 
This table will retain data for last 40 days from sysdate, i.e.   delete * 
from mytable where date < sysdate-40

Managing a partition for each day is too big ... 31 partitions.
There's a way with virtual column reference the day of week and creating 7 
Hash partition maybe useful ... but

... but how optimizer will use efficiently a partition based on virtual 
column for day of week when the query reference only the full date field? 
and will use using hash partitions?

Any suggestion will be appreciated 



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