[opendtv] Re: Why HANA, why now?

  • From: Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 11:42:22 -0400

At 9:22 AM -0400 10/5/06, John Golitsis wrote:

Having been in A/V retail for a number of years and having done countless A/V system installs, I can tell you that something like HANA is very dearly needed. Unfortunately, HANA will likely go the way of it's predecessor HAVi (www.havi.org) and never make any meaningful impact on the market. Why HAVi failed so miserably is something I'd love to know.

1394 is far from dead, however, it has largely failed to find a niche in the consumer electronics market, EXCEPT, as a digital video interface for camcorders. 1394 has, in essence, become a professional interconnect for computers, data storage, and increasingly for professional broadcast equipment.

Perhaps the final nail in the coffin was Apple's decision to drop 1394 from the iPod, choosing to go with USB2 instead. It is also conspicuously absent from the iTV prototype that Apple demonstrated last month.

I think there are four key factors here that are driving this.

1. The gerrymandering and delays associated with the introduction of 1394 as a consumer interconnection scheme because of the perceived need to add a content protection layer (DTCP), and the licensing schemes that were added for DTCP.
2. The small percentage of Windows PCs that ship with 1394 ports.
3. The ubiquity of Ethernet as the basis for home networking;
4. The growing use of WiFi in place of Ethernet to further simplify device interconnections.

I can tell you form personal experience that many consumers are overwhelmed by the proliferation of interconnections that are being used between that old (or new) TV and the various peripherals connected to it. This is driving a very profitable business for home electronics (A/V) installers.

My guess is that the trend will be to wireless interconnections of devices to a box with decoder(s) for content; the output of this box will connect to the display via HDMI.

I think Bert is wrong about the MPEG-2 limitation. This will be the case for integrated tuners, however, new devices like iTV will not be limited to MPEG-2.


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